(Raster image to Vector image) What is CAD Conversion?

CAD Conversion is the process of transferring your manually drafted paper drawings and converting them into a digital format. Paper based records in electronic format can be viewed and/or edited.

Advantages of Converting Raster to Vector Data

Raster Data Vector Data
  1. Cost-effective method of storing drawings.
  2. Minimum initial capture costs.
  3. Suitable for minor modifications.
  4. Good for - drawing restoration, viewing applications, archive.
  5. Non Intelligent data
  6. Not as accurate as the original drawing/map.
  7. Large storage requirements.
  1. Compatible with different CAD systems.
  2. Easy to edit.
  3. More compact storage.
  4. Better quality than original drawing.
  5. Seamless integration with other applications like CAD modeling, databases, GIS, etc., for adding attribute data.
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Drawings may be sent to us on Paper, Ammonia Prints or Photocopies. We assure quality by the process we have in place. If any processed drawing is found to be incorrect, we shall redo that drawing without any extra charge.
The process is basically as follows:

Scan the drawing

Convert into DWG (or other) format

Edit the DWG formatted drawing

Plot the DWG format drawing on tracing paper

Compare this tracing with the original

Re-edit the DWG format drawing if any deviations from the original are found