Piping design & Piping Analysis:

We are a service company specializing in process and mechanical piping design. All of our piping designers have 5 years experience in this specialized field. We use the latest generation of CAD plant design and analysis software.

The following services are provided by us: Click to view a bigger picture

Piping and instrumentation diagrams

Process flow diagrams

3D modeling and walk-through

Pipe stress analysis and support configuration

Support design and detailing

VUCADD has extensive computer aided design capabilities using AutoCAD 2000 software


3D Solid Modeling:

In recent years 3D Solid Modeling has become the prevalent and favored tool for designing world wide. Some of the major advantages are: Click to view a bigger image

Components can be machined straight from the files created by these systems.

Visualization of components in 3D space and/or in realistic surroundings.

Table driven components e.g.. A component can be associated to an Excel spread sheet then, by changing the spread sheet, the component will redraw itself creating an output drawing correctly on a company drawing sheet in a matter of seconds.

Through the use of 3D Solid Modeling we can offer to you a service that is complete and thorough. Designing a family of products or only one is of no problem. All data used on our solid models is parametric which allows us to rapidly change a design from one form to another.