VUCADD is a world-wide leader in the conversion of hard-copy maps into electronic formats. With over 2 years of experience in the document management industry, VUCADD can recommend the conversion option that is best suited for your project. Our expertise is in mapping applications, so you can be assured that the accuracy of your electronic map data will replicate the source documents exactly.

VUCADD has developed processes and procedures, combined with the most recent technology, that has been shown to be four to ten times faster than other conversion options. Our methods of recreating the drawing inside the CAD system is quicker and more accurate than the traditional means of conversion such as board digitizing or manual redraft. The result are files that are separated into layers with standard recognizable entities, (such as contours, roads, rivers, etc.) which conform to your current specifications.

Our digital map conversions can be customized to the clients' unique specifications allowing for immediate use. The client may specify coverage areas, features to be converted, rubbersheeting to specific control points, integration with other map data, edge-matching, and map projection.