Detail plot and plant layouts

VUCADD Provides in detail the plant layout to simplify the manufacturing process. The main advantages are:

Built in flexibility. Click to view a bigger picture

Hold down equipment investment.

Use floor area economically.

Keep employees safe.

Reduce materials handling


R.C.C. and structural, engineering designs and drawings

We carry out reinforced designs as per all international standard codes.Click to view a bigger picture
Designs will be carried out in working stress or limit state methods as per the requirements. All the designs will be done using the latest software. Later these designs will be checked manually and then be handed over to the client.

All the designs will be given along with structural and working drawings. The most significant benefit from RCC's point of view is that we can do a variety of buildings with a standard, manageable set of parts and pieces. This results in quantifiably shorter design cycles for new custom designs. It also allows us to serve more customers with different requirements faster and with fewer errors than the competition at lower costs.


Quantity Surveying

Our services involves Cost Planning, Estimating and Bills of Quantities (BOQ), and constitutes the very core of construction financial control.

Quantity Surveying covers a wide range of services which are, in essence related to the pre–construction phase of a project. When used as a tendering document, the BOQ allows a fair comparison of bidding participants.

INCA can provide the following quantity surveying services to meet clients' needs:

Budget Preparation and Cost Planning

Bills of Quantities

Checking Bond/Guarantees

Valuation of Variations and Days Work

Site Measurements

Interim Valuations

Final Accounts